The Little Otakárek

for children aged from 4 to 8 years

In his methodology, Otakar Ševčík thought of all starting musicians. He focused a great part of his attention on them as he regarded the correct approach to the instrument in the beginnings a crucial prerequisite for a successful career.

The Otakárek music school for the youngest musicians from the age of 4 to 7 is led by a team of mentors and an educational team which creates a complex program for the children. Young starting musicians can participate in activities in a collective and undergo group or individual lessons every day. During the whole course the presence of one or both parents is required.

What do we offer?

Individual approach

Our priority for young children is to awaken their interest in playing a musical instrument and to given them lots of inspiration for their playing and practicing in the months that follow.

Music lessons

Each child will have a carefully crafted schedule of lessons with the teachers of his or her instrument of choice. Lessons will include both individual and groups lessons.

Creative activities

For the youngest participants, there will be a special program composed of creative activities and games. Together we will also visit interesting spots in Horažďovice.

On-stage performances

Since it is important for children to gain experience performing on-stage, each children will have the opportunity (if they want to) to perform at a public concert and at the joint gala concert with all the other participants.

Accompanying program

When we are not practicing, attending lessons, or performing, we’ll go on nature walks together, or go swimming. We want the children to have summer fun.

Meeting the pros

The young children will also work, both individually and in the orchestra, with the Academy’s principal teachers: violinist Josef Špaček and cellist Tomáš Jamník.

Accomodation and meals

All the children will be housed, together with their parents, in the beautiful PROUD ecocenter, where they will also take all their meals.


Eva Jamníková

Eva Jamníková

Violin, little school otakárek

Artistic Supervision

Useful Information


  • Recommended arrival is on Sunday 4th August 2024, at 3 pm will take place first meeting of all "Otakárek's" at the Envicentrum PROUD
  • The opening concert (where children are as well invited) will take a place on Monday 5th August 2024 at 8 pm in the Hotel Prácheň Hall
  • The departure of the little participants is on Monday 12th of August 2023

Location, accomodation

All children will be accomodated with their parents at the freshly renovated Envicentrum PROUD. Capacity is approximately for 10 children with their parents and siblings.


All meals will be provided at the Envicentrum PROUD. Meals will be suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as for boarders with special allergies.


  • By bus: there are direct connections from Prague (lasts 2 hours)
  • By train: from Prague with one change in Pilsen (2,5 hours)
  • By car: from Pilsen (1 hoour), Prague (2 hours), München (3 hours) or Wien (3,5 hours)

The Little Otakárek 2024

date 4nd–12th August 2024
  • Individual approach
  • Music lessons
  • Creative activities
  • On-stage performances
  • Accompanying program
  • Meeting the pros
  • Accomodation and meals
330€ / 350 USD child

200€ / 225 USD parent
Applications soon